Adobe Interview – Set 1

I am Aman gupta. I passed out in 2010. I recently appeared for the adobe interview. I had one written test. It consisted questions of C/C++,English and logical reasoning. I cleared the written test and then got call for face to face interview.

Round 1:

1. Given a router which takes a ip as input and return a port number. Create a data structure that will help you to find a port corresponding to an IP.It contains millions of ip and port.

I answered hash table and trie.We had a long discussion about hash and trie which is better, what is the benefit of hash, how will we handle collision. After that the interviewer asked about trie and asked me to write the code of trie for this question.

2. I had written Operating system as my interest in resume so interviewer asked my favorite chapter.I told him that it’s been quite a time since I have read about OS but I have basic knowledge of memory process then he asked what is virtual memory.

3. A small discussion on a mobile app which provide following functionality:
It’s a connecting app which connects facebook,email,message service.What all new functionalities we can add .How you will add support for twitter without change in client code.

Round 2:

1.Given an array of number which contains numbers from 1 to n. we replace 1 number with another. Find both number in O (N).
2.Some more data structure questions.

Round 3:
1. Copy a linked list with next and arbit pointer
2. A string of words is given, how will you print only unique words.
3. Given a binary tree and a sum from root to any leaf.Remove all other nodes which are not in that root to leaf sum path.
4. He asked me about designing of a text editor then after looking at my resume, he found that I didn’t have design experience so he moved on next question.
5. How many sorting algorithm do you know, give time complexity of each. Does time complexity depend on data structure we are sorting (ex. will quick sort take equal time
for link list and array ) space complexity and a lot of discussion.

Round 4:

1. As I have worked on HAL(Hardware Abstract Layer) how any call goes to HAL like you have pressed volume + button how application know this. What is interrupt how they handled.

2. What is early biding and late biding, follow up questions on this.Can you achieve late biding in c.He asked about dynamic linking during this question it was a hint for this question but I could not get at that time)

3 Output of this program and 5-10 minutes of discussion about pointer
void *p= malloc();

3.2 Answer of 3.1 is segmentation fault ( I was wrong it will fail in compilation ) .How you will handle this write a wrapper for that.

4. Have you used GDB(The GNU Project Debugger.) I answered No.He said okay,think how will you solve segmentation fault with a gdb.
5. Create a mechanism where you can find how much memory is leaked in the end of a program.
6. in c program stack goes up or down [stack can goes up or down it depend on implementation] you need to check in which direction it grow.
7. What is multi threading what type of thread you used.

This interview went for 1 hr 35 minutes.

Round 5( with Director):

First He asked some basic behavioral questions
1.Good and bad comments about you from your previous managers.
2.Best comment or review you got for code review by any senior member that you remember and follow.
3.What did you think of corporate life in college time and what difference did you found in corporate life after college.
4.Design fruit ninja type game.There are English language characters instead of fruits.
5.You have given a board with large number of English characters of different size.How you will create a distribution of character.
6.How can we take care of memory problem in C++? I answered we can use smart pointer ( reference count) then he asked me to implement smart pointer by reference count in c++.
7.What work (code/work/help) have i done by myself without any instruction.Like if I have implemented some thing by myself that manager hasn’t asked or you join some creative/social work.

Round 6:
1.You are working on bitmap( mobile screen of pixel). You have to create a data structure for bitmap which support 6 colors,you can set any color at any time.
I answered use 2D int array and use 6 num to represent a color like 1 for white 2 for green 3 for red….
He told you have only 6 colors optimize it. I told him use char he told me still you are using so much space anything else you may use bit wise operator.
Answer use 2D array, number of rows will remain same but you can use less column and do bit wise operation to fill color.

Thanks Aman Gupta for sharing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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