Amazon Interview Questions – Set 6

My process started off at one their hiring drives.  It was a hiring drive in world trade center in Bangalore. It was a tiresome process that comprised a written round followed by 4 rounds of interview.

1st Round (Written round) :

Q1. Given a string of parenthesis, write a function if it is balanced.

Q2. Given two linked lists each of which represent a number, write a function that returns a linked list that represents the sum.

Q3. Find the number of occurrences of words in a paragraph.


2nd Round :

Q1. Find common elements out of two sorted array?

Q2. Convert BST to a Doubly linked list?

Q3. Given a binary tree in which the node structure has an additional field called “next” which of pointer to tree node type, fill up this field of each node to point to the next node at the same level (NULL if last node).


3rd Round :

Q1. Given a parentheses string, determine if it is a valid / legitimate parentheses string. For strings consisting of single parentheses type and those consisting of multiple types.

Q2. You have a dictionary of words. Given a word, print all anagram are in dictionary . State the data structure to be used to solve this problem.

Q3. You have given 10 files and you have given a string suggest data structure which ll facilitate efficient search of string in the file if string appears more than ones in that case u have to print line number and file in which they appear.


4th Round :

Q1. Write a program to print a tree in vertical order asked more than one approach to do this problem and modified problem many times.

Q2. Discussion on my current work, difficulties and challenges faced at work, difficult people I have had to work with, instances when I went out of my way to propose creative solutions to existing problems at work etc.


5th Round:

Q1. Why do you think amazon is the right place for you?

Q2. You have given an binary matrix which is sorted row wise and column wise write a program to search a row in the matrix having maximum number of zeroes.

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