Amazon Interview – Set 3

I appeared for Amazon campus interview on 30th July 2013. I am from MNIT Jaipur. I would like to contribute for CrazyforCode by sharing my experience.

Round 1

Q1. Tell me about yourself?
Q2. DBMS project discussion.
Q3. How to merge k sorted arrays of n length and discussion on its complexity?
Q4. A question on how to reach to the end of an array based on the values available in the array. Values determine the steps which can be taken forward. complete code for this?
Q5. How to identify that if a tree is a bst or not?

Round 2

Q1. Discussion about the java project.
Q2. Shortest path in maze and then discussion on it. Maze was modified into a n-dimension maze. complete code for 2-d maze.

Round 3

Q1. Favourite subject and what are you best at.
Q2. What is paging. what is virtual memory and discussion on why do we have virtual memory?
Q3. Inside a system with 4 gb ram OS only uses around 3.2 gb. Why is rest of the memory lying waste?
Q4. A LONG discussion on implementing a T-9 dictionary in a mobile.
Q5. An array is given which may be any of the 4 cases a.) completely increasing b.) completely decreasing c.) decreasing then increasing d.) increasing then decreasing.
Find max in the array. o(log n) solution. Then o(1) solution for 3 cases out of these.
Q6. No of combinations of moves for knight in chess board are given return total possible positions.

Round 4

Q1. Again, Tell me about urself.
Q2. Little discussion on intern project and then discussion on java project.
Q3. Multiple requests for storing multiple files on a server. How to keep them mutually exclusive?
Q4. Write COMPLETE code for implementing a hash table?
Q5. Given a bst. Replace the value in each node with sum of all the nodes which have values greater than the node itself.

That was pretty much the interview rounds. Best of luck. :D

Thanks Onkar Singh for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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