Aricent Interview – On Campus – Set 1

Company : Aricent
College : BIT , Mesra
Branches Allowed : CSE,IT,EEE,ECE
Eligibility Criterion: CGPA : Minimum 65% or 6.5 cgpa
CTC : 3.5 lac for both UG & PG
Service Agreement : 21 months, INR 75000 on prorated basis starts at the time of joining

The process consisted of 4 rounds:
Aptitude test
Technical test
Group discussion
Technical/HR interview

Round 1: Written Test

Aptitude test consisted of 4 sections:
1. Aptitude section
2. Logical reasoning section
3. C & DS section
4. English section
Section 1:
No. of questions = 20
Time allotted = 30 mins
Books that can be followed for the same: Quantitaive aptitude by R.S.Aggarwal
LOD 1 of quant by Arun Sharma
Section 2: Logical Reasoning
No. of questions= 15
Time allotted = 20 mins
BOOKS: LOD 1 Of Arun Sharma

Section 3: English
No. of questions = 15
Time allotted = 20 mins
Synonyms , antonyms, passage
Passage were bit lengthy

Section 4 : c & DS
No. of questions = 20
Time allotted = 25 mins
Theoretical questions on DS.
Output of a program & questions on functions were in plenty.
Time complexity of searching & sorting process had been asked.
Tip: Basics of C & DS should be clear . This section may appear tough for non-CS /IT students but it was actually of medium difficulty level.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Q1. Which branch ?
Q2. Tell me which subject are you efficient in from C, C++ & Ds?
Q3. Which part of C are u well versed with?
Q4. Write the program to find out the factorial of any no.?
then asked, also include the factorial of zero in the program.
Q5. The interviewer then asks for some other transformation in the program.& I wrote down the new code as per his requirements .He then asks few questions on DS. Those were basically theoretical questions like the fastest sorting technique, searching process, trees , weighted graphs.
Q6. Tell me about the projects you have done?

After this the interviewer asks me to ask any query that I have.
I asked him about the job prospectus & the working environment of the company

GD Round:

We were divided into a group of 10 students. In the GD room , the hr told us to select any 3 topic of our choice(3 topics to be chosen by the entire group)

The topics chosen by us were:
- Freedom to press & media in our country
- Reality shows
- Traffic condition in India

The HR again said to select any 1 of the topic. We choose the 1st topic to discuss on.
In the end the HR asked some specific group members to conclude & then she gave her feedback on each of the members & on the discussion on a whole.

HR interview:

We were given a form to fill up in which we were asked to describe some real life incidents . I am hereby giving examples of the type of questions asked in the form.

Q1. Tell an incident were u ve gone out of ur ways to help one of ur friend.
Q2. Describe a situation were u ve proved ur mettle as a team worker .

She asked me if I had any problem with the bond, to which i replied in negation. A few questions on hobbies were also asked.
The results were declared by announcing the names one by one. The best part was the cake cutting ceremony.

Thanks Mohit for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] or write it here: Google Form . We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

2 Thoughts on “Aricent Interview – On Campus – Set 1

  1. Smrati Goyal on September 18, 2014 at 7:25 am said:

    Sir i am a mca 5th sem student on banasthali vidhyapith with the marks till now 73.6%.
    i have 76% in my graduation and 62.6% in 12th.Am I eligible for aricent or not??

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