Bharti Softbank Interview Process

Bharti SoftBank (HIKE) Interview Questions – Set 2

Written Test 1. The test consisted of 10 MCQ’s on Aptitude and 10 MCQ’s on C programming. 2. It also consisted of 2 programming questions which were easy. Technical Interview: Q1. Find the mirror image of a binary tree. Q2. Maximum length path between any two nodes in a tree. Q3. A question on Btrees? Read More →

Bharti SoftBank Interview Questions – Set 1

Interview Process(Bharti SoftBank): Technical Interview (2 Telephonic + 2 F2F) + 1HR Focus will remain on algorithms. Whatever program they will ask to write, they will also ask to optimize the solution. Technical Interview Questions: Q1. Reverse string by words. Give another algorithm other than reversing whole string and then reverse every word. Q2. Given Read More →