Check if a binary tree is subtree of another tree

Given two binary trees T1 and T2, Find whether T2 is a subtree of T1.T1 has millions of nodes and T2 has hundreds of nodes.

Traverse T1 in pre-order fashion. For each node, check if the subtree rooted at this node is identical (exactly same) as T2.

struct node
    int data;
    struct node* left;
    struct node* right;
bool identical(struct node * root1, struct node *root2)
    if(root1 == NULL && root2 == NULL)
        return true;

    if(root1 == NULL || root2 == NULL)
        return false;

    return (root1->data == root2->data   &&
            identical(root1->left, root2->left) &&
            identical(root1->right, root2->right) );

bool checkSubtree(struct node *T1, struct node *T2)
    if (T2 == NULL)
        return true;

    if (T1 == NULL)
        return false;

    if (identical(T1, T2))
        return true;

    return checkSubtree(T1->left, T2) ||
           checkSubtree(T1->right, T2);

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