Cisco Interview Questions

Cisco Interview Questions – Set 2

Cisco interview process :- Written round (1 hour (Having questions from digital electronics and 20 aptitude majorly p &c and some programming questions on c)) Technical Interview : Q1. They discuss about my projects and some basic questions on c and ask me to design a chat module in c as it was mentioned in Read More →

Cisco Interview – Set 1

Round 1 (WRITTEN TEST) Total Duration : 1 hour Total 2 sections a) 30 Questions Aptitude and Reasoning b) 30 Questions Technical C/C++, data Structure, OS, Networking Round 2 Q1. Iterative Preorder, Inorder, Postorder Explain with example Q2. Micorprocessors Q3. Sliding window protocol Q4. OSI layers Q5 About projects Round 3 Q1. Minimum Spanning tree Read More →