Count Number of Bits to be Flipped to Convert A to B

Suppose, I have two numbers A and B. I need to find out how many numbers of bits needed to be changed to convert A to B.


A = 1101101
B = 1011011
^^ ^^
Here, we need to change 4 bits to convert A to B

How can I do this?


1. Calculate XOR of A and B.
a_xor_b = A ^ B
2. Count the set bits in the above calculated XOR result.
XOR of two number will have set bits only at those places where A differs from B.

int countSetBits(unsigned int n) {
   unsigned int count = 0;
   while (n) {
      count += n & 1;
      n >>= 1;
   return count;

// get the no. of bits to be flipped to convert 'a' to 'b'
int getNoBits(int a, int b) {
   // xor of 'a' & 'b' will have set bits at those
   // places where bits of 'a' and 'b' differs
   unsigned int k = a ^ b;
   return countSetBits(k);

One Thought on “Count Number of Bits to be Flipped to Convert A to B

  1. #include
    int bitcount(int);
    int main()
    int a=2,b=4,c;
    int y=bitcount(c);
    printf(“%d Bits needed to be changed!”,y);
    return 0;
    int bitcount(int x)
    int b;
    return b;

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