Coupon Dunia Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Coupon Dunia
Profile : Software Engineer
CTC : 10 LPA

Name: Utkarsh Shahdeo (CSE)

Round 1 (Online Coding):

Platform: HackerRank
Description: The first round was an online coding round. The standard of questions were pretty decent, comparable to Topcoder Div2 500. It was a 90 min test and anyone who solved at least 1 question completely was shortlisted for further rounds.
There were 3 questions in total, out of which 1 was ad-hoc, 1 was application of BFS, didn’t have time to read the third one.

Round 2 (Telephonic Interview):

A purely technical round which lasted for around 45 minutes. (It was supposed to be a Skype round, but due to poor internet connectivity, it was held over telephone). We were given the link of a live editor, where we had to write code snippets. Following questions were asked-
Q1. Print the bottom view of a binary tree.
I struggled initially, but was eventually able to get to the solution and wrote the running code for it.
Q2. Addition of two integers without using the + operator,
Gave a solution using XOR and AND operators, the way it was taught in Digital Electronics course. I had to write the code for it.
Q3. Some discussion on various sorting algorithms. Quick sort algorithm, worst case scenario for Quick Sort, Randomized Quick Sort algorithm.
Q4. SQL query to find the second largest salary (without using TOP. Gave a solution using LIMIT)

Round 3 (Telephonic Interview)

A round similar to the first round. Following questions were asked.
Q1. Write the code to find the sum of two integers given in the form of linked list.
Q2. Another BFS based question which was similar to the one asked in the online coding round. It required us to build a target string using a given string in minimum number of steps. The constraint being that we could alter only one letter of string at each step. And all the intermediate strings formed should be part of a dictionary which was given as input.
Apply BFS on a tree, with intermediate strings as intermediate nodes.
(Conceptually similar question- “Elevator Trouble” on SPOJ)
Q3. There was one another question which I am totally unable to recall. But it was a simple problem.
General discussion on nature of work at Coupon Dunia.
The round lasted 30-35 mins.

*No Group Discussion
*No HR Rounds

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