Cvent Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Cvent
Software Developer Profile (2-7 years exp.)

Interview Process:

Written test: Its a online test on codility. 1 question(Basic array related problem) in 45 mins. Try to write fully compiled code as much optimized as you can.

Q. Find 2 number in the array whose difference is minimum. Array is unsorted. Complexity should be less than o(nlogn).

Technical Rounds:

Round 1:

Q1. If your Apache web server is serving pages slowly, how would you troubleshoot the problem?

Q2. How many times can you include a php file in another php file?

Q3. What is ob_start(); used for? Why would you use it when developing web pages?

Q4. What is a table index? Why would you use it? Diff types of index?

Q5. If there is some code change in you java script file and browser is still displaying the old one what might be the reason? How to avoid it? WHat are differnet appraches other than renaming the file?

Round 2:

Q1. What are benifits of minifying the java script code?

Q2. Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritence?

Q3. Abstract class and interface?

Q4. Difference between http and https? Secure web architecture?

Q5. Describe how you would extract data from a web service if it returns JSON?


Round 3 (From US some one will take on skype):

Q1. Sql injection, Xss attack?

Q2. Write a function which will tell angle between hours hand and minute hands of clock?

Q3. Do you have experience with JavaScript frameworks? Which ones? Which one do you like the most? Why?

Q4. You have a table with an unknown number of records. You want to delete half of the records. You don’t care which records are deleted. What’s the most efficient way to do it?


Thanks Varun for sharing your interview experience with us. All the best :-) .

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