De Shaw Interview Questions – Set 4 (On campus)

Interview Experience of DE Shaw Hyderabad
College: IIIT Allahabad

DE Shaw India Software Pvt. Limited has 3 profile viz Software Developer, QA Developer and System Administrator. Selection procedure consisted of three rounds viz. Written (maily quantitative, C, C++, Java, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Written test is the toughest part which consisted question from every field. The 20 Questions in aptitude section were tough and most important part to get through the round. Next section consisted of 35 Questions from each and every field of computer science. This section needed a good selection of questions to solve. Because it was impossible to attempt the whole paper. Third section consisted of 1 algorithm question (subjective). Fourth section was picture writing.

Technical Questions:

Q1. Write down the network layers?

Q2. What is MAC Layer?

Q3. What is MAC Address? How many bits does it consists of?

Q4. What is IP Address? How many bits does it consist of?

Q5. What is global IP Address and Network Adress Translation ?

Q6. Explain Checksum error correction.

Q7. What is 3 bit parity?

Q8. How many trailing zeros are there in 100! ?

Q9. There are 25 horses and 5 tracks without a timer, how many minimm races are required to determine the winner ?

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