Dell Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Dell
Pattern : Written + 2 TECH + 1 HR
Type : Online

Round 1 : (35 min)

Q1. What are RAM and ROM also explain difference between them?
Q2. Explain in brief Client Server technology?
Q3. Sorting words in a large file?
Q4. T9 Dictionary(most important question of many companies).
Q5. Insertion sort code (they look for each every corner cases,so better check ur code with all types of test cases and then ask the interviewer to review it )

Round 2:

This round was mainly on oops principles.
Q1. What are the main features of OOPS ? Explain them briefly?
Q2. What is a virtual function ? Explain with an example?
Q3. hat is the difference between overloading and overriding?
Q4. In inheritance explain the public private protected modifiers behaviours on data members?
Q5. Implement strcat {} function with out using string function and optimize the function for speed and space?

Round 3: (HR)

Q1. Tell me about yourself?
Q2. +ve’s and -ve’s?
Q3. Explanation of Course Projects(discussion oriented went for 20 min)

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