Deloitte Interview – On Campus – Set 1

Company : Deloitte
College : NSIT
Hi I was from the Comp.Sc. branch. Deloitte came for placements in our college. We were offered the profile of Associate Analyst –EA. It was a very nice experience. The recruitment team consisted of prominent members including topmost officials from US R-10.

Written Test:

They conducted written test which was completely aptitude based i.e. no techie stuff was there. The pattern was 60 mins and 40 questions. NO NEGATIVE MARKING. All were of mixed sort. No separate sections like there were questions from DI, LR, simple math, verbal.
Case Study :

After that we were divided into groups like 10-14 members in a group.
They will give you a situation on which you have to discuss with your group and get a solution.
Some situation like -
1. Some ABC company is in loss. Wwhat will you suggest to overcome the losses?
2. There is already some company which is in lead in a city. What will you do to your get the company to that position?
3) A company wants to update its technologies and there are only a few resources available. Wwhat will you do?

After knowing the situation you will be given some time to discuss it with your group (work like a team…its not GD…so don’t argue…don’t dominate.)
Its not about what solution you come up with its about how you approach(anyways they are not gonna take your solution:P)
We had 30mins to discuss and we were provided a sheet on which we should write our points including diagrams or any graphs etc..
There will be a person watching you while you arr discussing. Try to give your points.

After the discussion they asked us to present it individually. We already discussed who will tell what. So there wasn’t any tension during the presentation. After the presentation they asked some questions regarding the situation.

Remember “body language and ur confidence while speaking is MOST IMPORTANT”.

Then there were two rounds of interviews:

Round 1:

The questions were mix Technical + HR. Only one person was there in panel.
Some questions were:
Q1. Tell me something about yourself.
Q2. Tell me something about your projects.
Q3. About C++. I wrote it in my CV.
Q4. Differnece between C++ and Java.
Q5. Any thing about PPT, you would like to change or say about ?

The main thing was even if you were caught, how well you defend yourself with full confidence. My interview lasted for about 35 to 40 minutes. Just answer honestly and confidence will automatically reflect in your answer. Prepare about some past good experiences of your life that you can share with them. They may ask it as they asked me. Also remember one must have excellent communication skills in order to improve selection chances.
Round 2: (HR interview)

Q1. Tell me something about yourself?
Q2. What was your role in ur project?
Q3. Tell me your leadership skills?
Q4. They asked some questions about the event I organized in our college
Q5. About family?
Q6. Your favorite subject and why?
–All simple questions–
But they asked technical questions too in other panels. So prepare for it.
My suggestion is just speak confidently and keep a pleasant smile on your face during the interview.
Prepare for all the questions that you can possibly get from your resume.

Thanks Amit Mehta for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] or write it here: Google Form . We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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