Directi Interview Questions

Directi Interview Questions (Internship)

Company: DirectI (Internship) Stipend : 50k / month Round 1: Online coding round (90 mins) To proceed to interviews, either 1 of the 2 questions needed to be completely solved. Q 1: Brute Force with minor optimization. Q 2: Constructing a tree and finding its diameter. Round 2: It was a telephonic round which lasted about 45 Read More →

Directi Interview Questions – Campus Placement

Company : DIRECT-I Year : 2012 First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the entire CrazyforCode team for creating and maintaining such an awesome site. Written Round : • General Aptitude + technical questions (C, OOP, DBMS) • Aptitude questions (with a few exceptions)were easy, technical questions were of moderate difficulty • C Read More →