Ebay interview – Set 1

Written Round:There were 30 questions out of which 50% was based on java and c++, the rest from verbal and quantitative stuff.The key areas to focus on are:
· OOPS-all concepts, contructors etc
· Database-sql queries and normal basics stuff about schemas etc
· Networks- subnetting, various routing protocols, about mac address
· Probability ans Statistics

Round 1

Q1. Let us assume there are 3 baskets with different number of balls say p,q and r. Every ball has a number written on it. Now, you have to take all those balls and put them back in baskets in sorted way.?(Merge Sort)
Q2. What is Mutual Exclusion?
Q3. What is multithreading and Difference between process and thread?
Q4. What is Semaphore?
Q5. There are three threads have been assigned different work. Say,
T1 takes 10 sec T2 takes 20sec t3 takes 15sec Now you have to make sure that all threads merge into one and continue as a single thread. How will you wait and all?
Q6. Let’s say you have 100,000 records and you want to delete 95,000 at a time and keep only 5 thousand. But in local memory you don’t have enough space for 95,000 records. What do you do in this case? How do you delete without any problem with time and performance?

Round 2

Q1. Function ‘sum’ which takes arguments, such that if both args are:
int : does integer addition
float : does float addition
string : concatenates them
Write a program in ‘C’ that does the same?
Q2. Write SQL Query for creating tables?
Q3. What about NESTED TABLES?
Q4. What are views?
Q5. Nested views?
Q6. About my projects?

Round 3

Q1. Tell me about yourself
Q2. You have an embedded system device. Okay? So you are given some numbers from 1-100 and unique. Now, sort these numbers?
Q3. Evaluate Postfix expression?

Round 4 (HR Round)
Q1. Why Ebay?
Q2. Where do you see yoyurself in 5 years? etc

Thanks Shridhar for contributing this article.

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