Epic Systems interview questions – Set 1

I appeared for Epic system in DCE campus interview recently. I would like to contribute for CrazyforCode by sharing my experience.

Interview process:
2 Written coding test + 1 telephonic round
11 got selected after final round
Offer: 1,00,000 $

Technical Interview :-

Q1. Given a long linked list find the element which is nth from the last?
Q2. Given an array of strings, group the strings which are anagrams of each other?
Q3. They asked if epic systems database is overflowing what is a feasible solution,I told him to use a distributed database system
then he asked me what will be the criteria to distribute the database. I told him to distribute the data according to the proximity to the patient’s hometown. Then he asked about the problems related to distributed management systems and how to tackle them
Q4. Replace a string with another based on a multiplicative cipher? i.e. based in cryptography
Q5. Given intervals when a car is fueled and the kms it travelled, mileage and other things needed to be calculated?
Q6. Given a matrix of positive integers, you can start at any position and go either down or right in the matrix and find the lenght of the longest snake you can only go down or right if the absolute difference between the numbers is less than or equal to 1
Q7. Given the digits, print all the non decreasing sequence
eg. if n=3
and so on
Q8. Lot of questions from my projects and intern?

Thanks Ekaansh Goel for contributing this article. If you would like to contribute, mail us your interview experience at [email protected] We will like to publish it on CrazyforCode and help other job seekers.

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