Expedia Interview Questions – Set 2 (On campus)

I had an on campus interview with Expedia. Here are the details of the company’s written and interview process.

Written Round :

Questions were on Error output, Java, Sql, Time complexity etc

Round 1 :

Q1. Reverse a string, complexity, complete code.

Q2. Given a series of positive integers. Design an efficient algorithm that can detect pairs whose sum is equal to K such that K = ei + ej, and (i not equal to j).

Q3. What is the prerequisite for binary searching?

Q4. Given a sorted array of n integers that has been rotated i(unknown) number of times, give a (log n) algorithm that finds an element in the array.

Round 2:

Q1. Complete structure of hashmap, very detail description, along with the basic coding of the hashmap internal implementation.

Q2. Write a program , where i have a grid with many cells, how many paths are possible from one point to other desired points.

Q3. Very Detail discussions on JVM, memory management and garbage collector

Round 3:

Q1. Difference between c++ and java and my preference?

Q2. Find duplicates in infinite range .
Which data structure to be used to give efficient solution.?
I answered HashMap .

How to implement using boolean array.?

Finally, got the good news from HR, got selected.

Many Many congratulations to you Akhil.

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