Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 2

I have recently appeared for Flipkart Recruitment process for SDE position. I  would like to share interview questions.

Flipkart Interview Process :-
Telephonic Round : 1
F2F : 3 Rounds

Technical Interview Questions :-

Q1. A sentence is given which contains lowercase English letters and spaces. It may contain multiple spaces. Get first letter of every word and return the result as a string. The result should not contain any space.
Q2. Find Nth largest element in the BST.
Q3. Given a BST, find the node which contains the value which is equal to or greater than the input value?
Q4. Write a program to check if a binary tree is balanced
Q5. Given s string, Find max size of a sub-string, in which no duplicate chars present?
Q6. What is a hash table? Explain how they work (hash function and buckets)?
Q7. WAP to find a continuous subset whose sum is divisible by 7. We are given a array of number (-ve and +ve).
calculate the complexity of your algorithm?
Q8. Given a 2-dimensional array of integers, find the value 1 in the array, and set all those rows, and columns to 1, which contains one of the values as 1.
Q9. How to find a number in a rotated sorted array. He was looking for the binary search kind of solution?

Thanks CrazyforCode for maintaining such a nice website. It helped me a lot. :-)

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  1. Which college are you from? Is there any process to apply for that company offline?

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