Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 4

Company: Flipkart

Technical Interview Questions:

Q1. Write code to find sum of two numbers stored as linked list.(LSB at last node) and head of each list is given.

Q2. Write code to print elements on the path from root to leaf node having the maximum sum.

Q3. What is the complexity of retrieving min element from a max heap.

Q4. Which is the fastet method to sort an almost sorted array:
quick sort,bubble sort,merge sort,shell sort

Q5. Tell about zombie process?

Q6. Complexities on hash table?

Q7. Reverse linked list and a few questions on tress and dynamic prog and aptitude testing?

Q8. Given an array find any three numbers which sum to zero. Give the best algorithm?

Q9. Given a BST, how would you return the kth smallest element. Cover all the corner cases with time complexity logn?

Thanks Akshya for shiring your interview expereince. CFC wishes you all the best for your future.

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