Flipkart Interview Questions – Set 6

I had interview with Flipkart for SDE . There was two technical round both guys was cool and interview process was very nice when i got stuck they provide me hint.

Round 1:

Q1. You have a infinite stream of repeated number find top K frequent number from this stream and discussion on this question like which data structure will you use and time complexity etc.

Q2. Given a link list consist of data , next pointer and also a random pointer which points to a random node of the list . how will you make clone of this ?

Q3. ow a array (fixed size can) use like for k stack ? and after this how will you make these k stack to memory efficient?

Round 2:

Q1. Linked list containing characters as values. Find if a linked list is palindrome.

Q2. Given two integers m and n write the function to compute the number of bit changes required to convert one to another

Example: m=14
n=15 answer : 1
Explanation : 24 : 11000
15: 01111

Q3.Project related questions

Q4. Oops concepts in detail.

Thanks a lot crazyforcode. The Flipkart sets here did help a lot in the preparation.

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