Freecharge Interview Questions – Set 1

FreeCharge Interview Experience for Senior Software Engineer

Telephone screening
Questions about project and technologies used.

Technical Interview : F2F

Q1. What are ACID properties with real life examples.
Q2. What is Linked list and reverse the linked list using single pointer/ 2 pointers.
Q3. What is RDBMS.
Q4. What is virtual memory
Q5. What are primitive data types? what is bitwise operators?
Q6. What is primary key? unique key?
Q7. Can unique key be a primary key?
Q8. What is foreign key? can foreign key be Null?
Q9. What is normalization? why should we do normalization?
Q10. Normalized form is better or storing in a single table/ 2 tables is better?
Q11. Create database of IPL
Q12. Write a query to find name of a player with maximum number of runs in a match on given date and given venue.
Q13. Query 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9=100 solve this by placing or without placing any operator.
Q14. One puzzle of making the probability of ball selecting… etc.

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