Futures First Interview – Set 1

Company: Futures First
College: IIT Roorkee

Written Test:

Two tests completely based on mathematical and logical aptitude and Interviews.
Top 10 rankers of Trade Mogul competition(Trading competition conducted by Future First) are directly called for interview.

Round 1:

5 minute test based on mathematical calculations. (BODMASS Questions)

Round 2:

30 minute test based quantitative ability and data Interpretation skills.

Their sole purpose was to know whether you are capable of handling mathematical calculations easily and quickly. You just need to practice lots of multiplication, division and other simple stuff so that you become quick during the test.

Round 3: Interview

The HR interview was a very different experience for me. I felt that they were looking for a guy who would fit best in their culture and has the ability not only to take risks but also assess it and mitigate it.

Some of the HR questions that were asked to were:-

Choose between Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. I personally, would advise you to go for Mahatma Gandhi. If you go for Bose, they will reject you saying that you have a violent side to your personality which of course is not good for them.
What would you do if you were given 1 lakh and were told to jump off the first floor? 5 lakh for the 2nd floor? 10 for the 3rd floor?
Assess the risk in every situation and then using your reasoning, give the answer. I answered that for the amount of money involved i would jump off the 1st and 2nd floors but not the 3rd floor. At maximum I would break my bones or suffer a few fractures which is good enough for the money.

I give you 5 lakhs right now. Go and kiss the girl standing outside. Will you take the risk?
I said yes I will. She will slap me on the face or maybe get a complaint registered against me with the Dean. It will be a fair deal for the money involved.

Calculate 12*92 within 15 seconds (without the pen of course)
657*53 within 15 seconds (again without the pen)
The interviewer asked me the length of the room. I said that it was around 18 feet. He asked me to convince him of the same.
I said, “Sir, my height is about 6 feet. So if I lie down 3 times along the length that should be enough reason for you to get convinced”. So I lied down on the floor along the length of the room thrice.

Besides this they also asked me some HR questions like why should we hire you, what are your goals and why are you suitable for the company. There were few other HR questions as well which were not so different form the regular ones.

Question about finance sector and related to company profile and share trading were asked. Main emphasis was on observation skills and stress testing of students.

Overall it was a very good interview experience. They were looking for people who can take risks and were not hesitant to take an initiative and then back their decision with sound thought process.

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