Goldman Sachs Interview Questions – Set 2

Company : Goldman Sachs
College : BITS
Profile : SDE
Interview Type : On campus
CTC: 13 lpa

Candidate: Mitesh Kumar Singh (CSE)

Interview Process:

Round 1 (Online MCQ):

Online MCQ Round with 4 sections
Time Allotted: 1 hr
1. Technical
C,C++,JAVA and OOP concepts
Questions were lengthy but with good concepts, they could easily be easily solved.
2. Aptitude
Pie charts, statistics, etc.
The questions in this section were quite tough.
3. Pseudo Code for 2 algorithmic problems to be written
4. A paragraph explaining why they should hire you.

Round 2 (Group Discussion/Case Study):

A group of 10 members.
Time Allotted: 25 Minutes
We were given a scenario of a drowning ship. A list of 12 persons of different profession (say engineer, doctor, captain, etc.) was given. Each person had a useful tool like match stick, knife, etc. A boat could take 8 persons and leave them on an island. And a few other conditions were given. We had to save 8 persons out of 12. In our discussion, we had to come to a conclusion as to which 8 should be saved who could be helpful in sustaining life after being saved.

Round 3 (PI):

Time: Approx 30 minutes
The interviewer initially discussed about my projects.
Then he asked me a simple problem
Q. Find a given string in a file. (Take care that the given string may have spaces.)
At the end, he asked me few questions about JAVA (E.g. JAVA vs. C++, Memory leak in JAVA, etc.)

Round 4 (PI):

This time there were 2 interviewers.
1. A gold bar puzzle.
Since I had heard the puzzle before, I told them that I already knew the answer. They asked me another puzzle (Red, Green, Blue balls puzzle).
I knew this one too smile emoticon. But this time they asked me to explain the logic which I did successfully.
2. Few technical questions on OS concepts like memory management, Virtual memory, scheduling, etc. Few questions about Linux like utility of grep command, etc (I could not answer that well enough).
3. Explain logic to iterate a directory and its sub directories on Linux. I did it using dfs on directory structure, though they wanted some sequence of Linux command to do it.
4. Approach on an algorithmic problem.
Given N servers. Each server has a capacity. The total cost of connecting computers to servers is the sum of distances of computers from servers. So if a stream of computers are coming, how will you attach computers to servers such that total sum of distances to all servers is minimum.
They wanted to know if I would use DP or greedy logic and why?

Round 5 (PI):

Again 2 interviewers
They asked 2 algorithmic problems.
1. Given an array. Find pair of elements whose sum = k.
Expected Complexity: O(n*n)
2. Convert a DLL to BST and vice versa.
HR Interview:
The HR interviews basically test your moral qualities like honesty, sincerity, loyalty and team spirit by presenting you a common situation.
I was asked about the arrangements I would make to organize my friend’s birthday party. I tried to consider all cases like inviting the close ones, ordering the cake, arrangement of music, etc. But the important point (which interviewer was expecting) was that being an organizer, I should order the flavor of cake which my friend likes and also order a veg cake if he/she is a vegetarian. He gave further situations in between to test my team spirit skills. An important suggestion for HR interviews could be that you should answer diplomatically rather than being blunt and speaking the truth. HR interviews also check whether you are adaptable to any given work condition or not.

1. Always give a brute force solution first as sometimes interviewers expect the most simple solution.
2. Practice writing neat code on pen and paper.
2. Interact with your interviewers during the interviews. Think aloud.

Cheers and Thanks crazyforcode for providing good collection of interviews to prepare in very less time :-)

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