Grofers Interview Experience – Set 1

Recently I am interviewed for Grofers SDE-1 position in Gurgaon.

Round 1 (40 mins)

Thorough discussion about the projects. My major work was on LAMP stack and since the projects were live, so the interviewer kept on grilling me. Questions on the database, challenges faced, control flow were asked. He even asked the implementation of few modules on Google Docs. The interview ended with some questions on OOP concepts.

Round 2:

This was a puzzle round conducted on paper.We were given 4 puzzles and had to solve them in 15-15-15-5 minutes.
All the puzzles were standard puzzles and they are listed as follows.

Q1. A man walks on the edge of a regular pentagon.At any point he decides to move away from the pentagon at any angle.After walking a certain distance he turns back and points himself to the center of the pentagon.What is the probability he would be able to see three edges of the pentagon?(he is allowed to move in the plane of pentagon)

Q2. 5 pirate and 100 gold coins

Q3. 100 prisoners and red/blue hats

Q4. Make 4 equilateral triangles with 6 match sticks.

I was able to do all of them and got selected for next round.

Round 3:

Q1. Code a general series where the next element is the sum of last k terms.
Q2. On clicking a node in a tree, all the adjacent edges are turned on. Calculate min of clicks such that all the edges are turned on.
Q3. SQL queries on Self Join and Inner join
Q4. Select distinct records without using the DISTINCT keyword. Both using a subquery and without it.
Q5. Few more SQL queries.

Luckily, I was shortlisted after my tech rounds and did not go through the HR round.

I am thankful to Crazyforcode for my preparation.

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