Housing.com Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Housing.com
Profile: Software Developer

I got a call through recruiter and I was interviewed in March,2015.

Round 1:

Q1. input: “kitten%20pic.jpg”
output: “kitten pic.jpg”

%20 -> ‘ ‘
%3A -> ‘?’
%3D -> ‘:’

modify your input in place.
no string library functions.

void DecodeURL(string str

Q2. Given an array, return true, if it can be partitioned into two subarrays whose sum of elements are same, else return false
Input: {5,1,5,11}
Output: true (as it can be divided into {5,1,5} {11} where 5+1+5=11)

Q3. Briefly discussed about projects in resume and questions were completely related to projects mentioned.

Round 2:

Q1. Find out the maximum contiguous circular sum in array, array may contain positive as well as negative numbers?

Q2. Given a binary tree, print sum of each level ?

Q3. Add two integers which cannot be stored even in long long int?

Round 3:

Q1. Length of longest substring with no repeating character (Full running code)?

Q2. There is a function getWord() which takes word as input and checks whether word is present in the dictionary. Given a long word as input find all the meaning full ( i.e getWord() is true ) that can be made from the given input .

Example : Input : antin
output : a , an , ant, tin, in.

If all goes well, you can expect the offer letter in a day or two. The pay would mostly align with what your expected salary was. Mine did. But I wouldn’t say it depends on the number of years of experience you have. People with less experience do get better offers. I did. In case you are still not satisfied with the offer, you can discuss with the HR and see if it could be reconsidered.
Hope that helps. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

One Thought on “Housing.com Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. Anand on June 19, 2015 at 1:38 pm said:

    Gave interview a month back but still no revert…strange thing is that I don’t have any company land line number

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