Infoedge Interview Questions

Infoedge/ Interview – Set 2

Infoedge/ Technical Interview Q1. Difference between threads and process? Q2. how threading works at CPU level? Q3. Idea about thrashing? Q4. List page replacement policies? Q5. what data structure uses FIFO? Q6. How paging works ? Q7. what are page faults? Q8. what is ATM? Q9. Have you ever made a thread based program in Read More →

Infoedge Interview – Set 1

Company : Infoedge India ( on BSE) 1 written + 3 tech rounds + 1HR – Written will consist few puzzles, C programs of array and string, sql’s. – Tech rounds will be on Data structure, SQL, Basic Oops concepts. Focus will remain on algorithms. Whatever program they will ask to write, they will also Read More →