Infoedge/ Interview – Set 2

Infoedge/ Technical Interview

Q1. Difference between threads and process?
Q2. how threading works at CPU level?
Q3. Idea about thrashing?
Q4. List page replacement policies?
Q5. what data structure uses FIFO?
Q6. How paging works ?
Q7. what are page faults?
Q8. what is ATM?
Q9. Have you ever made a thread based program in c?
Q10. Let suppose there is a large file of about 1PB ( = 1000TB ) and you want to read it using 4 threads. How it these threads would work.
I said about Sync but he asked in a bit details.
Q11. A large linked list is given with a pointer to a middle node. How would you delete that node ?

Q12. He asked about what Internet Technologies I have worked on ?
I listed html,css,php,js,jquery,ajax
Q13. how the server works ? what server you used ? ( i said apache )
Q14. Is server a process or a thread.
I just guessed that the server is a process that is continuously listening to a port and when a request comes through the network it creates a thread for it which invokes the interpreter to execute php
Q15. He asked difference between compiler & interpreter ? can php be compiled ?
Q16. are you comfortable with php ? ( after yes )

$a = 2;
if( $a = 3 )

echo “Hello”;
echo “False”;

Output ?
Q17. What is Ajax ?
Q18. how the ajax works ? tell me about headers ?
Q19. What is an IP Address and of how many bits ?
Q20. what is network addressing ? your networks would have a public id address then who manages the internal networks ip addresses ?

Q21. What are relational databases ? why we use relational databases ? Have you worked over NoSQL ?

Q22.  What is Left Inner Join ? Write C code for Left Inner Join if the two tables are given in form of arrays.
Q23.  What is difference between Unique Key and Primary Key.
Q24. What are Web Sockets ? ( I mentioned this in my Resume so he asked )What is Socket Programming ?

Q25. What UDP has advantages over TCP.
Q26. What is HTTP ?
Q27. How HTTP request transfers form Client to Server ? What are the headers associated with it ?
Q28. Reverse of a Linked List?
Q29. What is MVC framework ? Tell me about it’s workflow ? ( Resume Question )
Q30. What is JSON ? What is XML ?
Q31. Write a sample JSON and XML. Which one is better ? What are the advantages of JSON over XML!

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