Informatica Interview Questions

Company : Informatica
College : IIT Kanpur

Written Test:

Round 1: Online objective test

There were questions from Operating Systems, C, Algorithms, Data Structures

Round 2: Online and subjective (C++ or JAVA). This round had 15 questions.

Data structures, C++ questions, algorithms (DFS/BFS)


Round 1:

Q1. Asked about my project?
Also asked me questions about ACID properties of database and indexing in a database.
Q2. There were also questions related to OOPS concepts including polymorphism, composition, aggregation, inheritance, Abstract classes, interface; difference between usage of abstract class and interface, can abstract class be instantiated, how to access child class methods having reference of base class.
Q3. There was another question on run time and compile time binding and under which category do we classify method overloading.
Q4. Code for deleting the duplicate nodes in a sorted link list?
Q5. Printing root to leaf paths in a binary search tree

Round 2:

Q1. Given an Array of Integers, Find two elements in the array whose sum is closest to zero?
Q2. What are virtual functions, what is their role? Questions related to virtual functions?
Q3. You are given the details of each transaction of each item i.e. item_name, quantity, price. So at the end of the day, you want top 50 items that have been sold. There are two cases:
- In the first case you have fixed number of items
- In the second case very large number of items – so you need to decide what data structure to be used for this.

Round 3:

Q1. How do you quickly count the number of set bits in a 32-bit integer in linear time (with respect to the number of set bits)?
Q2. Determining width of binary tree i.e. using breadth wise traversal
Q3. Why files are preferred over databases?

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  1. Can you Please share, what kind of ques were there in written tests. ? In both objective and subjective. Also any idea from where we can prepare or get any samilar paper for citation.

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