InMobi Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : InMobi
College & Profile: IIT Delhi for SDET

There were about 20 MCQs (30 minutes) to be done after the coding section. MCQs were totally nonsense. Can be done in 10 mins.

For coding section 60 mins.  It was hosted on Hackerrank.

Q1. In a line where words are separated by spaces,
, and capitalize first letter of the reversed word. Other letters of the word should be in small.
Input : “how are you?” → Output: “Woh Era ?uoy”

Q2. The second question reduced to finding maximum weight matching in a bipartite graph. Not
many people would have done this (maybe none).

Q3. There are 2 sets of countries. One set will donate clothes (something of this sort) and anotherset will accept clothes. A country can be in only 1 of the sets. The amount of clothes donated is
also given. The problem is to maximize this amount of clothes. Condition: One­to­One
relationship must be there between countries in different sets. Test Cases are like this:
r1 = no. of countries in set1
r2 = no. of countries in set2
tc = no. of test­cases ­ followed by that no.of test­cases
{c1,c2,a} = c1 country is giving ‘a’ amount of clothes to c2 country. Maximize the total amount
donated, following the condition that one country can donate to only one country and one
country can accept from only one country.

After this, selected candidates were interviewed that consists of 4 rounds and discussion was mostly on your CV and data structure problems.

Tips: Be honest with your interviewer. If you are not comfortable in 1 topic, tell your interviewer honestly. Do well in other areas. Look for hints from the interviewer if you get stuck. They want to see how you approach a problem. 

I would like to thank CrazyforCode to help me prepare and land this awesome job.

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