Intuit Interview Questions – Set 1

Company : Intuit
College: IIT M

We first had a PPT about the company. They focused on innovation a lot and what they do. The people presenting seemed pretty cool and professional at the same time. Team consisted of youngsters and extremely experienced employees as well.

This was followed by a written elimination round. There were 4 coding questions in 1 hour. The complete code with proper syntax had to be written on paper. Test cases and complexity was also asked.

Q1. Two binary numbers as linked lists. Add them and give result as linked list.
Q2. Sort a stack in ascending order, using only another stack.
Q3. Given an array of integers. Output is an array where the value at index i is the product of all other numbers except the one at position i in the original array.
Q4. Check if a number can be generated form the following process: take 1, multiply by 3 any number of times or add 5 any number of times. Output the path or not possible.
Eg: 13 = 1 * 3 + 5 + 5, 15 : Not possible

They shortlisted 12 students for interviews.
Next day, we had a “Design for delight” session. It wasn’t an elimination round, but we got to experience how to approach a problem and design solutions. Interviewers were making notes during the process about us.

Technical interview:

Q1. Asked me logic of the stack question.
Q2. Choose a data structure. I chose linked list. Asked me to reverse linked list by recursion since I knew by iteration.
Q3. Gave solution to problem 4 and asked me to find logical errors and debug it.
Q4. Asked about projects/internship in my resume?

HR Interview:
Just basic discussion on what they do
How would you test Google web page. What all is involved – just discussion nothing serious.
Resume based discussion – courses/electives

The interview process was very relaxed and different. They just want to know if you can think in the right direction.

One Thought on “Intuit Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. harpreet on August 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm said:

    can we use predefined functions in intuit test ?
    for example #include
    for stacks’ one program?

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