JP Morgan Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: JP Morgan
Position: Software Engineer

Interview Process: Aptitude test, followed by 3 rounds of interview. Interview process was very good. Just be positive to clear the interview.

Technical Questions:
Q1. What is the difference between multi tasking, multi processing and multi programming operating systems with examples ?
Q2. Tell me about memory allocation (stack vs. heap)?
Q3.You have two threads one printing even numbers in order and other odd numbers. Design an algorithm so that it prints numbers in natural order?
Q4. Print a matrix in spiral order?
Q5. Thread class and Runnable Interface?
Q6. What’s the difference between a Linked List and an ArrayList and give me an example of when to use which?
Q7. Questions of OS concepts?

GD/ Case Study:
A role play scenario was given. With a clear instruction on I don’t need to know the basis and the hypothetical assumption was presented. I was told that I was expected to respond to the given scenario, in whatever way I thought was the best and give the reasons for my decision.

HR Questions:
Q1. Why are you interested in a career in investment banking?
Q2. Why have you chosen to apply to J.P. Morgan?
Q3. Have you ever made a mistake? Tell us about it?

Check this link before appearing for interview with JP Morgan. It will help.

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One Thought on “JP Morgan Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. Oh, thanks dude helped me alot it make u aware where u gonna stuck.
    All the questions sets are really beneficial to me .
    One must see the all question set b4 going for interviews

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