Juniper Networks Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Juniper Networks
Profile: Software Engineer/ Developer

Technical Interview:

Q1. How to manage memory in linux kernel?

Q2. What should a bridge cum router device do upon receiving a frame?

Q3. What’s the benefit of sub-netting?

Q4. What are the differences between static ip addressing and dynamic ip addressing?

Q5. Explain Memory Fragmentation?

Q6. What do you need to do that your browser will point URL to the internal IP address

Q7. 3 mislabeled jar puzzle?

Q8. 100 locker puzzles?

Q9. BFS traversal and DFS traversal algorithm?

Thanks G.Raju for sharing your experience with us. Best of luck for your future.

One Thought on “Juniper Networks Interview Questions – Set 1

  1. can you elaborate more on the puzzles asked in the interview please.

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