Kellton Tech Interview Questions

Company: Kellton Tech interview Questions

It was for Senior Developer profile. There were 1 Written + 3 Tech Rounds of interview.

Q1. Find 2 number in the array whose difference is minimum. Array is unsorted. Complexity should be less than o(nlogn).
eg 2 4 6 1 2 5 – Output should be 2,2
Q2. Find 2 no’s in array whose sum is equal to given no K? Complexity Should be O(n)? Hasing algorithm, approach, how will avoid collision etc?
Q3. If there is some code change in you java script file and browser is still displaying the old one what might be the reason? How to avoid it? WHat are differnet appraches other than renaming the file?
Q4. What are benifits of minifying the java script code?
Q5. Difference between http and https?
Q6. What happenes when user hits a url? Secure web architecture etc?
Q7. Abstract class and interface?
Q8. Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritence?
Q9. There is a cubic, find no of faces which are exposed outside. Cubic is of 10×10?
Q10. Write a function which will tell angle between hours hand and minute hands of clock?
Q11. Questions from memcache, solr and various other web related stuffs?
Q12. Sql injection, Xss attack?

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One Thought on “Kellton Tech Interview Questions

  1. pseudocode:
    sub_length sum_l
    then current++;
    else if = 0
    subl += 2

    else if = 1
    subl += 2;
    then s.push(a[i])
    if i – current[dx] > subl
    then dx++

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