Microsoft Interview Questions – Set 7

Company : Microsoft
Campus : NIT Trichi
Interview Type : Campus Placement
Eligibility criteria : >=7 Pointer Out of 10

Three Student got Selected here I am sharing one of them.


Microsoft Experience:

Group Fry: they asked next greater permutation of a given number.

Example: 123->132. And proper code was asked!

Round 1:

Tell about yourself: I spoke most of the part of my sixteen details, he was listening everything.
Next he asked me about my project, which almost took 20 25 minutes in which I explained every bit of my project. It’s made in embedded c, hence he can’t ask too many questions on that.
He asked about my Second project on DBMS. I told It was a curriculum project nothing else. He was satisfied.

Then he asked me to check whether a given number is power of two.
I gave one approach of shifting bits of one and matching with number. I forgot the ‘&’ style but still he was satisfied.

He gave me a string “Today is Saturday” then I have to reverse it in words “yadoT si yadurtaS”
I said I will check the string in between spaces. He modified by including special character in place of spaces. I said I will use ISALPHA() function to check whether the given index has character or symbol.

He asked me about OOPS concept

Then about abstraction and real life example

And he asked me about surrogate keys I said I don’t know this key but I know foreign key, primary key and other keys. He changed the question and asked me about foreign key and Example in real life.

I said he is from Microsoft then he is a foreign key for NITT table. He laughed and accepted it.

He then gave a sql query in which a table has got EMP_ID and HIRE_DATE so you have to get the count of people hired according to the year. He was satisfied with sql or c. I gave a sql one and told him approach, I forgot the
function to extract year from date but still he was satisfied with my approach.

And then I asked anything to him, 1st round was done.

ADVICE: make interviewer involve with you, as even he told me lot of things on his own which I don’t ask.

Round 2:

There she asked me about my project. I skipped dbms project and told 20 minutes continuously on my Embedded c project. She was satisfied.

She asked me to check loop in linked list. Then she modified to remove loop. I told fast-slow for detection and flag check for removal.

Advice: Discuss everything with interviewer. Make him interested in you.

Then she gave two string and one more string which was formed from previous two. But the order remained same. I have to check whether that third one is real formed from previous two or not and without changing order also?

Exa: abcd ghij gahibcdj

No code required. Discuss algo only. I removed one corner case by anagram checking. Then I used merging style to check. I have cracked right. She modified by making one string substring of another. I did it half part and rest of the part she told by herself.

She was very cool, and I enjoyed a lot in my interview. Then after that she asked me to ask some questions.

Guys asking questions, is important somehow as that increases your interaction with him. I said to her it was nice to talk with you. She said same here.. :D I was sent out after that (Don’t know y), and again called after half hour.

Round 3:

It was HR no problem he asked me why I want to be part of Microsoft, and other usual stuff. No puzzles etc.

Then finally after 1 hour i got selected.

PS: Luck matters with knowledge, and communication with interviewer matters a lot..

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