Mind Teasers – Set 2

1. Three Bulb

There are three bulbs in a room and three switches outside the room corresponding to each bulb. The room is closed and you can’t see inside the room. Determine how would you know which switch is for which bulb if you are allowed to enter the room only once after which the room will be closed?

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2. A Truck and Bridge

A truck loaded 20 tones starts from one end of a 40km long bridge. The bridge can hold a maximum load of 20 tones not a single gram more lest it would break. When it has traveled a distance of 20 kms, a bird sits on the truck. Tell us bridge will break or not? Why?

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3. Red and White Balls

A prisoner is given 2 bowls, 100 red balls, and 100 white balls. He is told to put the balls into the bowls any way he wishes, as long as there is at least one ball in each bowl. He cannot leave any balls out. The Executioner will come in and reach into a random bowl and draw out a ball. If it is red, the prisoner dies. If it is white, he goes free. How should the prisoner arrange the 200 balls so that he has the greatest possibility of going free?

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