Mind Teasers – Set 3

1. Cars at equator

Imagine that there is a highway along the equator of the Earth. Two identical cars (with identical drivers) set off in opposite directions on this highway – one eastwards, and the other, westwards. Which car will wear its tires off first? Why?

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2. Reflections

You are inside a perfectly cubical room where each wall, the ceiling and the floor are mirrors. There is nothing else in the room. Assuming that you can still breathe, how many reflections can you see if you’re facing one direction, and can look up, down, left and right?

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3. Crossing the Desert

An explorer named Marco wants to cross an Australian desert on foot. The track will begin in the outback at the aboriginal village of Kwazi and takes six days. However, one man can only take enough food to last him four days. Fortunately, Marco can hire porters from Kwazi to assist him. Each porter costs $100 per day that he is away from the village. What is the least possible cost to Marco of hiring enough porters so that he can cross the desert and the porters can return home safely? Explain your answer.

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