Myntra Interview Questions – Set 2

Profile: Backend Software Developer
Process: 5 technical ( 3 rounds+ SVP round + CTO round ) + 1 HR

Interview Question at Myntra

Round 1:
Q1. Change Binary tree so that parent node is the sum of root nodes.
Q2. Reverse a linkedlist ?
Q3. Given an array of +ve and -ve numbers , have to rearrange them ( like +ve numbers to left and -ve numbers to right of the array).

Round 2:
Q1. Singleton pattern, observer pattern?
Q2. String pool and how garbage collection functionality works?
Q3. HashMap , how can you synchronize ?
Q4. Process vs Thread differences and synchronization,deadlock examples?

Round 3:
Q1. Database: Design with one-one mapping, one-many mapping…some basic questions, I don’t remember all.
Q2. Design a website where after user request. A bunch of processes need to be executed and then a mail is sent to user with the result. Take care of scalability etc?

CTO Round:
This was CTO round, if you make this round…you are doing pretty good. 
He asked a lot on what I worked on and asked questions relevant to that. Process thread, stacks heaps. A minor system design on component in their system. How they are shared between and trade-off. We discussed about scalability and challenge.

I got almost the same package that I am currently getting (Myntra gave stock options, which I don’t have in my current company) but I am looking for a change so accepted the offer.

All the best Ashish Gulati and Thanks for sharing your interview experience.

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