Mysql Query – Set 1

We have Employee,Department,Region tables as shown below:

Employee(EmpID, EmpName, Salary)

Department(DeptID, EmpID, DeptName)

Region(RegnID, DeptID, RegnName )

Now get all employee details according to the region (RegnName) they belong?


If you want to have all of the employees in the results, despite missing department and region data then you need to use OUTER joins:

Select r.RegnName as 'Region', d.DeptName as 'Dept', e.EmpID as 'Id', e.EmpName as 'Name', e.Salary as Salary
FROM Employee LEFT OUTER JOIN Department d ON e.EmpID = d.EmpID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Region r ON d.DeptID = r.DeptID
ORDER BY r.RegnName, d.DeptName

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