Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Nagarro

Coding Round: It consists 4 questions.
Q1. Input an array and then print the repeating characters??

Q2. Input an array and prints the second minimum in an array??

Q3. Find the longest palendrom in a string?
Input: abfgerccdedccfgfer
Output: ccdedcc

Q4. Input a number and then find the next higher number such that for both the number (inputted and the next higher number)
in binary representation contains equal number os ones.

Technical Interview:

Q1. An array contain 6 different numbers, only 1 number is repeated for 5 times. So now total 10 numbers in array, Find that duplicate number in 2 steps only?

Q2. Write a program to print elements of a linked list in reverse order by using same single linked list?

Q3. Questions on improving complexity of questions given in coding round.

Q4. Html tags,,

& ct their no of occurance of each tag & also check whether it correct or not?

Q5. Few questions were on database tables and sql queries?

Thanks CrazyforCode for having such a wonderful collection of most popular interview questions. It helped me a lot in getting this job. :-)

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