Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 2

Round 1:
Aptitude test : 2 papers 40+6 questions
20 question was on reasoning (Moderate)
20+6 was maths questions (difficulty level was good)

Round 2 : Telephonic round on the spot:
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Define Automation framework?
3. Difference between High severity and low severity with example, what is important as QA point of view?
4. There one form where username and password and remember-me field is given, write the test scenarios?
5. around 5-6 more questions?

Round 3 :
1. Automation architecture?
2. Difference between class and interface?
3. What is static keyword?
4. What are the different access modifiers and what is there uses?
5. Difference between interface and abstract?
6. Write a program for given login scenario using defined automation architecture?
7. Take an array, store the numbers and print the numbers using arrayList?

Rounds 4:
1. Solve the aptitude questions(2 – 3), she wanted to see the approach?
2. Make a 3*3 cube where you need to fill the numbers using 1-9, rows, columns and diagonal sum should be equal to 15
3. One more puzzle?
4. Write test scenario for download functionality of a songs website?
5. Difference between cache and cookies?

Overall experience was good.
Result : Selected

Thanks Nitesh Goyal for sharing your interview experience. All the best.

One Thought on “Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 2

  1. Ravindra Kumar on February 17, 2015 at 11:43 am said:

    can u please assist me type of aptitude question asked because i heard that aptitude round is quite hard..

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