Nagarro Interview Questions

Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 2

Round 1: Aptitude test : 2 papers 40+6 questions 20 question was on reasoning (Moderate) 20+6 was maths questions (difficulty level was good) Round 2 : Telephonic round on the spot: 1. Tell me about yourself? 2. Define Automation framework? 3. Difference between High severity¬†and low severity with example, what is important as QA point Read More →

Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: Nagarro Coding Round: It consists 4 questions. Q1. Input an array and then print the repeating characters?? Example: Input:1,3,23,11,44,3,23,2,3. Output:3,23 Q2. Input an array and prints the second minimum in an array?? Example Input:34,45,21,12,54,67,15 Output:15 Q3. Find the longest palendrom in a string? Example Input: abfgerccdedccfgfer Output: ccdedcc Q4. Input a number and then Read More →