OLX Interview Questions – Set 1

I got a call through recruiter. My telephonic interview got scheduled. Overall process was very fast. It took not more than 3-4 days till I received offer letter.

Telephonic Interview:-

Round 1:

Q1. Indexes in mysql.
Q2. Difference between include_once and require_once?
Q3. Constructor and destrutor?
Q4. sessions vs cookie. Detailed discussion.
Some questions on lucene, solr as it was mentioned in my resume.

Round 2:

Q1. 8 ball puzzle.
Q2. Design patterns?
Q3. Array of first n numbers.One number is missing.Find missing number?

Round 3:

Q1. What is memcache. Some discussion around it.
Q2. Design a database schema for a chat application where user can send message to an individual or in group.
Q3. Write sql to retrieve all unread messages when user sign in.

Round 4 (with CTO):

It was a normal discussion.
Q1. Why do you want to join OLX?
Q2. What difficulties have you faced.
Q3. How is the Employee hierarchy in your current organization.Whom do you report to.
Q4. How much is the web traffic on your site etc.

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