One97 Interview Questions

Paytm Interview Questions – Set 2

Crazyforcode has helped me a lot. In order to help other students I would like to share my experience. Tech Round 1: Q1. How will you balance a binary search tree? Q2. Implement two stack in an array . Interviewer was confused about questions so he doesn’t ask about it? Q3. The other question was Read More →

One97 Interview Questions – Set 1

Company: One97 Communication(Paytm) Profile: Software Developer Java Interview process: Written paper(technical) + 3 Tech interview Technical Interview Questions: Q1. Wap to get the height of a BST? Q2. Implement merge-sort? Q3. what are threads and multi-threads? Q4. Give two ints, return index(0 based) of an int if it is present in another int. For eg. Read More →