Oracle Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: Oracle(Server technology)
Interview Type: On campus

Interview Process:

I would like to share my experience about my recruitment process with ORACLE. Oracle procedure consists of.

1) Online aptitude Round
2) Coding Round
3) 2-3 Technical Rounds and 1 HR Round

Technical Questions

Round 1:

Q1. How is a file transferred via ftp and how exactly does FTP work? How many sockets would be required for one file transfer?

Q2. What is the path followed if my system wants to connect to some given IP of another system?

Q3. Networking(all basic definitions)?

Round 2:

This round was focused on algorithms and data structures.

Q1. Reverse of a LinkedList

follow up
Can you do it recursively?

Q2. Then he asked me to write the conditions to be taken into consideration while deleting any node from a tree on a sheet of paper.

Round 3:

Lot of question were asked.
Threading, paging (OS)
queries, join, indexing (DBMS) etc

HR Round:

This was just a formality. It did not last even 5 minutes.
1) She asked me about my background.
2) Why should I choose you?
3) Why Oracle?

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