Oxigen Wallet Interview Questions – Set 1

Round 1:
Online coding test on Cocubes.com

Round 2:

Q1. Linked list multiplication: Given two linked list that represents polynomial
return a pointer to linked list which is multiplication of the two.

struct node
int coeff;
int exp;
struct node*next;
example: 4x(2)-2x+1
x-1 answer : 4x(3)-6x(2)+3x-1

Q2. Suppose when user chooses OxygenWallet as an option for a payment Using BookmyShow
what actually happens in backend. Explain whole process and consider all methods which could possibly happen during process (Hint – he was trying to get into API’s)

Q3. Sort a stack using only one another stack ?

Round 3:

Q1. Discussion on projects , i have done one project related to OS so lot’s of discussion regarding OS concepts. like Memory management techniques , how will you calculate CPU usages ,CPU time ,for a process on run time ?

Q2. Question on database design and SQL query.

Q3. How you can achieve fast access in linked list.

Round 4(HR):

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

Q2. What is your passion and aspiration?

Q3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

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