Oyo Interview Questions – Set 2

Here is the collection of questions based on experience of interview in Oyo Rooms.

Round 1:

Q1. Determine if there is a subset of the given set with sum equal to given sum?

Q2. Given an array of numbers arrange it in the form of a single number such that the concluded number is
the maximum.
e.g. given : 99,8,76,45,66,9,7,33,5,42
O/P : 99987766654233

Round 2:

Q1. Give your introduction along with your technical skills.

Q2. I want to retrieve records from a table from date 1 – 15.I don’t want to use range Queries
Suggest the optimal solutions…
I suggest Indexing on date column.
He insisted on alternate ways.
he said what you think you can do?

Q3. What is Unique and NULL Constraint ?
Difference between Primary Key and Unique.
How many maximum records in Unique can be NULL.

Q4. Write Most optimized algorithm for finding a Word in sentence.
(I used Trie approach , he scolded me for not asking the sentence is sorted or not.. the used Binary search.)

Q5. Difference between thread and process.
What is PCB ?
What is synchronisation ?

Round 3 (Hiring Manager):

Questions was mainly from resume, behavioral questions, design and databases concept(join,query)

One Thought on “Oyo Interview Questions – Set 2

  1. I guess the answer for Round 1: Q2 is 9998776665454233 (missed to include 45 in output)

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