Practo Interview Questions – Set 2

Company: Practo
Practo is the market leader in digital healthcare management with millions of consumers using our products to find doctors, book appointments and manage their healthcare efficiently. Practo Ray is the platform of choice for the vast majority of doctors and clinics deploying cloud based clinic management solution.
I recently got an offer from Practo, here is my interview experience:

Technical Rounds:

Q1. What is event bubbling?

Q2. Difference between .on(‘click’,function() and .click(function())

Q3. Write a function to check if two strings are anagram or not.

Q4. Given an array of integers which can be in one of four order – i.Increasing 2.Decreasing 3.decreasing then increasing 4.increasing then decreasing .Write a function to find the type of array.

Q5. How can you improve the performance of a site.(Only frontend)

Q6. Design database schema for a movie site.Where user can watch the movie,genre of movie,give ratings and recommended movies to user.Also Write an algorithm to show recommended movies to user.

Q7. By tossing a coin we can get either head or tail, i have a function toss() which return head or tail with equal probability.

Q8. You have to write a function for dice which will return number from 1-6 with equal probability.
constraints : you can not use random function, you can use only toss function.

Q9. Write a query to fetch duplicate email from table?

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