Quikr Interview Questions – Set 2

Quikr Interview Questions for Developer Profile
Location: Mumbai

Written Test:
One problem statement was given:
You have been given stack of documents that have already been processed and some that have not. your task is to classify these documents into one of the eight categories: [1,2,3..8]. However you notice that there are already large amount of documents which have already been correctly processed(training data). you decide to use machine learning on this data in order to categorize.

First line of the input file contain T number of documents. T lines will follow each containing a series of space separated words which represents the processed word.

Round 1:

Q1. Find the first non repetitive character in a string?
Q2. What is connection pooling.
Q3. Write a singleton class in php?

Round 2:

Q1. How to write a Connection class to MySQL database using PHP?
Q2. What are the different types of error in php?
Q3. How session works in php?
Q4. Find missing element in an array of elements from 0 to n-1?

Thanks Vikas for sharing your interview experience. All the Best :)

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