River Crossing Puzzle

Sailor Cat needs to bring a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage across the river. The boat is tiny and can only carry one passenger at a time. If he leaves the wolf and the goat alone together, the wolf will eat the goat. If he leaves the goat and the cabbage alone together, the goat will eat the cabbage.
How can he bring all three safely across the river?

River crossing puzzle


The trick to this puzzle is that you can keep wolf and cabbage together. So the solution would be

The sailor will start with the goat. He will go to the other side of the river with the goat. He will keep goat there and will return back and will take cabbage with him on the next turn. When he reaches the other side he will keep the cabbage there and will take goat back with him.

Now we will take wolf and will keep the wolf at the other side of the river along with the cabbage. He will return back and will take goat along with him. This way they all will cross the river.

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