Rope Escape Puzzle


Jim is trapped at the top of a building which is 200m high. He has with him a rope 150m long. There is a hook at the top where he stands. Looking down, he notices that midway between him and the ground, at a height of 100m, there is a ledge with another hook. In his pocket lies a sharp knife. how might he be able to come down using the rope, the two hooks and the knife?

Puzzle Solution:

1. Cut the rope into two parts, 50m and 100m.
2. Tie one end of the 50m piece to the top hook and make a knot at the other end with a fixed loop.
3. Pass the 100m piece through the loop and tie its two ends to form a loop.
4. Now, Jim can climb down 100m to the ledge. Now, cut the 100m loop using the knife. Collect this piece by holding one end, pulling at it and letting the other end slide through the loop.
5. Finally, tie one end of this 100m piece to the hook at the ledge and slide.

Jim escaped. ;)

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